SKROSS® invented and patented the first all-in-one world adapter with country slider system in 2002. The World Adapter Classic promptly became a worldwide bestseller. Exports to over 60 countries confirmed that high-quality, multifunctional travel adapters that are both safe and compact attract tremendous international interest.

With its SKROSS® brand, WorldConnect AG grew into a company operating on a global scale in just a few years, using its boundless power of innovation to develop products for mobile travellers. The company has one, clear objective: to be the global market leader for high-quality travel adapters. Today, our range of products includes world travel adapters with and without USB charging capabilities, USB chargers and batteries, as well as practical charge and sync cablesfor today’s modern traveller.

Skross EURO USB Charger
Skross Euro Usb Charger 2.4A White Blister
Skross World Adapter Classic
Skross World Adapter Evo With Usb - White - Blister 2.4A
Skross World Adapter MUV USB
Skross World Adapter Muv USB 2.4A - Asia Version White Blister
Skross World Adaptor Classic - White - Giftbox
Skross World Adaptor Classic with USB Charger (EOL)
Skross World Adaptor Evo
Skross World Adaptor Evo with USB Charger
Skross World Adaptor Evo with USB Charger
Skross World Adaptor MUV Micro Asia Version